Friday, June 14, 2019

Print Ad Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Print Ad - Case Study Exampleorganism a high-fashion, elite brand, the photographic print ads target market leans toward comparatively young men and women belonging to an upper-class social demographic. Those in its target market capture above-average incomes, are brand-conscious, and are generally in touch with the prevailing fashion trends of the day. The brand is all about youth, sexiness, and the brashness that comes with it. Those who wish to portray this sort of theatrical role through their fashion style are those targeted by the print ad, and this definitely was definitely illustrated in the edgy, albeit inappropriate theme presented.In developing a spic-and-span print ad for Dolce and Gabbana, several elements go out be modified as the product line will be repositioned completely. From being a high-end, relatively young fashion brand, it is proposed that the new line be packaged as a casual line appealing to an older, more sophisticated demographic comprised of middle-a ged, happy professionals . The prevailing theme would be Sunday Best, and would be presented in such a way that the brand would be their top-of-mind choice for laid- back field club weekend wear. The newly repositioned line would be appealing to a target audience that closely mirrors those of Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. The new concept of the reworked print ad will be intrinsically different from the master key. The ad is set on what appears to be a country club golf course, and will feature a pulchritudinous, nonchalantly dressed woman around her mid-30s as the central character. She appears to be a newcomer to the greens, and is being taught how to swing by a smiling, laid back male, presumptively late 30s to early 40s. The man gives off the impression that he is a hard-working professional during the week, say a stockbroker, and he is enjoying the fruits of his labor on the weekend with his beautiful wife. In the background, another affluent-looking couple (presumably friends of the central couple) look on, smiling and apparently amused at the womans first-time follies at the tee. The tone and mood of the ad is very upbeat and positive, conveying an unspoken vibe of class and sophistication. The Dolce & Gabbana logo will quiet down be superimposed over the print as in the original ad. Consumers will use the product ideally as their primary choice for weekend wear, for light social functions and weekend club meetings. It is a means to bring out with the relaxed affluence that is typical of high-income neighborhoods in New York and California. The target market was chosen first and foremost to tone down the controversy generated by the previous print ad. By choosing an older, more affluent target comprised of high net- worth professionals which project much more conservative values, it is hoped that the negative connotation associated with the brand would be locomote out of the publics eye. Also, the new target market was also chosen because the compan y can be sure that there is already an existing market to tap, and that their prices would still seem palatable within the chosen demographic. If the repositioning campaign is rendered properly, Dolce &

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